Coronavirus message from the Rector

Dear Friends,

We live in dangerous and challenging times. Our lives and movement have been curtailed by the Coranavirus outbreak.   

Each one of us has been advised to keep a safe distance away from the person in front of us in the street and if necessary to self-isolate at home. In addition, our schools and churches of every denomination are closed for worship until further notice.

As we go through this crisis together, with the exception of Sundays, when the church building will be closed, St. Nicholas will be open for private prayer each day between 10am and 11am and additionally between 2pm and 3pm on Wednesdays. The church garden, where the annual fete is held, is also open for reflection and contemplation, in front of the wooden cross.  

Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour, who rose from the dead for us all on Easter Day, promises to be with us in the days and months that lie ahead, just as he has been with us throughout our lives. Please stay safe.

God bless,