The Rector’s June letter

Dear Friends, In June, the Church celebrates the Feast Day of St. Albans, after which St. Albans in Hertfordshire is named. In the year 250, Alban became this country’s first Christian Martyr. He was beheaded, where St. Alban’s Abbey and Cathedral now stands. Inside the Cathedral is a shrine that

Churchwarden’s May newsletter

Forth Coming Events 1st June        An Evening with Pam Rhodes at St. Nicholas Church. Admission will be by tickets only and will include refreshments. Tickets are now on sale to the local community and Churches in the Diocese and they are starting to go quickly. If you would like

The Rector’s May Letter

Dear Friends, In May, we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended upon the First Disciples in an upper room in Jerusalem, after Jesus’ ascension back into heaven. As the Holy Spirit falls upon the Disciples, they are filled with power from on high to proclaim the