Messy church opens its doors for the first time

Thirty-five adults and children gathered in the Church Hall on 22nd September for Barton’s very first Messy Church.

The theme was ‘God’s Family, Our Family’, which explored the story of Abraham and Sarah and how God called them to go a long journey and promised they would have a very big family.

Adults and children took part in activities designed to help them explore the story and theme. Some people discussed the journeys they have made with their family while drawing a picture. Meanwhile, others made a card to give to a family member while thinking about how families go back in time – and how one day the children may be grandparents themselves. At another table people designed a family coat of arms while talking about how we are all members of God’s family. We also thought about how we are all different, and all loved, by each writing our name on one side of a star and something special about ourselves on the other to hang on the prayer tree. In the small room people released balloons so they flew around in all directions to remind us how God loves everyone whichever direction we go in. Finally, because Abraham and Sarah were told that their descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the sky (and the grains of sand in the desert), there was an opportunity to reflect on the stars and the patterns of the constellations.

The theme of stars and sand was picked up when we went into the Church for a short time of worship. As everyone gathered in the chancel, images of the night-sky and the desert sands were displayed on a screen. The story of Abraham and Sarah was then told using a felt board to create an illustration of the story. We then spent a few minutes wondering what it was like for Abraham and Sarah to leave their home and follow God’s call. The time of worship closed with a song based on a verse in Isaiah which reminds us that everybody’s name is ‘written on the palm of God’s hand’. The session finished with a sandwich tea for everybody back in the church hall.

Our next Messy Church will be on Sunday 15th December gathering in the hall at 3.30pm, when we will be celebrating Christingle and exploring the story of Simeon and Anna and how they met the baby Jesus.

To save time at the door and help with numbers for catering, please pre-register for Messy Church:

There is no need to fill in the form again if you’ve been before, but please do try to let us know if you’re coming so we can make enough food!