The Rector’s June letter

Dear Friends,

In June, the Church celebrates the Feast Day of St. Albans, after which St. Albans in Hertfordshire is named.

In the year 250, Alban became this country’s first Christian Martyr. He was beheaded, where St. Alban’s Abbey and Cathedral now stands. Inside the Cathedral is a shrine that is dedicated to him which remains a place of pilgrimage, prayer and contemplation, just as it has been since a church was first built on the site in the Fourth Century

Before his arrest and death, Alban had hidden a Christian priest in his house who was being persecuted for his faith. In their time together Alban became a Christian and as a result changed places with him, by disguising himself as the Priest, when the Roman Authorities came to arrest him. At his subsequent trial, Alban refused to give up his new found faith and was executed for doing so.

Whilst we ourselves may not be persecuted for who our faith today, may we never forget those like Alban who came before us and who paid the ultimate price for their faith in God’s Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.

They are an example to us all.

God bless,