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Inside Story - The Side Aisles

These aisles represent the second stage in the extension of the church. The south aisle was begun in 1220, about forty years after the completion of the original building; the one to the north was begun some thirty years later (about 1250), and was made of four bays. windowout.gif (73079 bytes)

The windows in the side aisles may well not have been enlarged to their present size until the 14th century.  It is thought to be the only window left which was contemporary with the rest of the early nave and originally all the nave windows were like it.

windowin.gif (108202 bytes)What was behind the decision to add these extensions? It is interesting to speculate why it was that a small mediaeval village of few inhabitants needed such a large church... 

Without doubt, one original role of the building was that of defence. Under threat of invasion or attack, the church could become a stronghold into which the inhabitants of the village, together with their possessions (including livestock) could come for security. 

corbel.gif (37512 bytes)What of the workmen, the craftsmen, the overseers of these extensions? What have they left behind of themselves?

And what is this ????


To read more about the side aisles, the Church Guide, price £2.50, is available from the Rector.