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Inside Story - The Rectors

To the western end of the south aisle, and behind the door by which you enter, is to be found a board recording the names and periods of incumbency of the 56 priests who have served this church during the 800 years of its existence. It is a silent witness to an unbroken chain of ministry from 1220 A.D. to the present day.

About many of our past incumbents we have no story to tell. About others, little anecdotes and points of interest remain.

Philip de Lee 1336 to 1349
Richard Bieth 1374-1396
Robert Viney 1646
John Norton 1652-1662
Thomas Crawley 1662-1677
Rev. Arthur Humphreys 1677-1718
Edward Willes 1718-1730
Dr Timothy Bowes 1820-1861
Canon John Henry Spokes  1898-1928
Rev. Ian Graham-Orlebar  1972-1992
Canon Peter Whitaker  1992-2004
Canon Graham Newton 2004-2011
Rev. Andrew Johnson 2013-

To read more about the rectors, the Church Guide, price £2.50, is available from the Rector.