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Inside Story - Side Aisles

The Pews

The two blocks of linenfold pews (so called because they are carved to represent folded material) which occupy the front part of the nave back to the cross aisle, date back to the days of the first Queen Elizabeth.

The Roof

Until the 15th century the roof of the church was set at a different pitch and about five feet lower than now. The way in which it was ingeniously raised in order to create the clerestory you see today is a tribute to its mediaeval creators.

The rood screen

This screen, which once used to separate the main body of the building from the Chancel, is thought to have been demolished as the result of Puritan opposition to all forms of over-ornamentation - for them associated with high church practice.

To read more about the Nave, the Church Guide, price £2.50, is available from the Rector.