Virtual Messy Church

We had planned to hold Messy Church on Palm Sunday, but due to the lockdown that wasn’t possible. Instead, here are some ways for families to explore Holy Week and Easter at home.

YouTube – There are lots of versions of the Easter story on YouTube (but if you’re watching with kids, do vet them first as some depictions of the crucifixion can be scarily realistic). Here’s one that’s definitely suitable for kids, it’s from the donkey’s point of view and was recommended by Messy Church head office.

Facebook – We will be sharing pictures, videos, links and ideas on the Barton-le-Clay Parish Church Facebook Page, so if you’re on Facebook, do pop along there and like and follow us. There are also lots of other good resources to be found on Facebook too.

Illustrated Ministry – these are the people who designed the giant colouring poster we used at our Messy Christingle. They are producing free resources every week while people can’t get out to Church. The Palm Sunday resource has a bible reading, reflection, make your own palm branch. colouring, dot-to-dot and a wordsearch. You can sign up and download it here.

Baking – Obviously, there are Hot Cross Buns and Simnel Cakes, but if you fancy some Easter baking that’s a bit different this year (and you can find some flour!) you could try our diocese’s local speciality, the Alban Bun or my favourite, the American Resurrection Roll

Hopefully, we’ll be able to hold another Messy Church in real life soon. If you want to join the mailing list to find out when, click here.